Developing a Business as Mission

There are several off the grid villages that we will visit next trip some are a 2+ hour drive off the main road followed by a 2 hour hike through the jungle.  Many of the families in these off the grid villages are living on less than $400 US illegally selling dried beans just over the border to Guatemala.  They have no way to market their goods because of their remoteness.  These villages have rich soil for growing crops, and a willingness to work--today, their coffee beans are rotting on the plant and spices are growing rampant with no buyers.

Our intent is to become the buyers of the coffee and spice crops from these villages by developing an export business in Belize: Maya Mountain Spice Farm, with Eden View Foods LLC being the importer here in the States. This has the potential to radically transform both individual families as well as entire villages. 

We will be hosting a Benefactor Harvest Dinner early in June for those who may be interested in learning more about helping us fund this Business as Mission.