2017 Container Project

Although our ministry goals are primarily mid range to long term--we want to teach how to fish rather than giving a fish, we realize there immediate needs which we can help to fill.  Schools are dilapidated, supplies are limited, and funds are scarce!  The farmers we are working with share limited tool supply, seeds are expensive and non-chemical control measures are all but unavailable. Schools need our help as well...here are some of the items we will be collecting:

Books: - educational, children's, resource, and reading (all ages); school desks; good quality clothes and shoes; bicycles - no gears or cable brakes; stainless steel commercial tables, sinks, and other equipment; push seeders; drip irrigation supplies; natural/organic pest and disease control and sprayers for fruits and vegetables; hand tools; vegetable seeds; construction tools; fully functional sewing machines and more.  

Shipping the container costs between $7-8,000, so we will be asking that you consider donating toward this cost along with your donated items.

Help pay to Ship the Container south