It was very clear to us not long after meeting village families that one of the greatest needs is financial support for educational expenses. Many teenagers are not able to complete their high school and/or technical education because they are required to purchase all needed books, supplies, and uniforms. The government subsidizes the tuition for primary grades plus the first two years of secondary education, but families must then pay for tuition in the final two years of high school and/or technical school. In addition to helping individual students secure a complete education, we are also helping to establish libraries, provide educational training and classroom materials, computers, playground equipment and monetary resources for feeding programs.

“Watch that you don’t treat a single one of these children arrogantly. You realize, don’t you, that their personal angels are constantly in touch with my Father in heaven?”
— Matthew 18:10 MSG



Sowing Seeds has established a sponsorship fund to help students complete their secondary and extended education. All sponsorships require certain levels of academic and personal accountability. Sponsors are encouraged to have frequent correspondence with their sponsored student, to build a relationship with the student and his/her family, and to be a 'cheerleader' for the student as they pursue their educational goals. If you are interested in helping a student achieve his/her dreams for a better future, please click on the tab below and follow the instructions.


School Support

Even the smallest donation of educational supplies and equipment is greatly needed and most appreciated. Storage cabinets, shelving, white boards, school supplies, classroom educational helps, reading books, book bags, even toilet paper are never items taken for granted by teachers and students alike. These items are shipped via sea crate - if you’d like to donate items, let us know.


Full Bellies Make Better Learners

Most schools desire to offer a feeding program at lunchtime to eliminate students, including pre-schoolers, from having to walk home. For some, this is not an issue because they live close - for others, they walk a long distance to reach home, without much time to eat before they need to return back to school. Of course, the funds needed to offer a feeding program are very scarce so Sowing Seeds is working to provide support by developing school gardens and providing funds to purchase beans and rice. If you’d like to help contribute, click the link below.