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Scholarship Program

It was very clear to us not long after meeting village families that one of the greatest needs is financial support for educational expenses. Many teenagers are not able to complete their high school/technical education, not so much because of tuition costs, but because they are required to purchase all needed books and supplies. In addition, every school, whether primary, high school or technical school, also requires students to wear uniforms. The government subsidizes the tuition for primary grades plus the first two years of secondary education, but families must then pay for tuition in the final two years of high school and/or technical school.

Sowing Seeds in Belize has established a sponsorship fund to help students complete their secondary and extended education. All sponsorships require certain levels of academic and personal accountability. Sponsors are encouraged to have frequent correspondence with their sponsored student, to build a relationship with the student and his/her family, to be a 'cheerleader' for the student as they pursue their educational goals. If you are interested in helping a student achieve his/her dreams for a better future, please click on the tab below and follow the instructions.

Any amount will help and the rewards to both you and the student are priceless.  It's about changing lives, which is.....well, an awesome privilege!


Meet Maria--

She is a shy but humorous young gal enrolled in the agriculture program.   She has struggled to stay in school because her family is very poor.   She lost her father several years ago.  Her mother sells a few spices to support Maria and her brother.   Her sponsorship of bus fare and meals will allow her to complete her two-month required practicals which will complete her first year of study.


Meet Valencio--

a quiet spoken, polite and ever-smiling young man.   He did not complete high school but has dreams to be a tour guide so that he can support his future family.   He has the perfect personality for it!   His only hope of realizing his dream is through a sponsorship which will allow him to enroll in the Tourism Program at his local technical school.   He will start in September.


Meet Joshua--


an 11 year old who has focused and precise plans for his future.  Because he takes his education so seriously, he has excelled to the point of foregoing an entire class.  His hope is to complete high school and technical school for mechanics.

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