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Sunday November 3rd, 2019

Registration 1:30 Event Begins 2:00

How will your donations be used?

• All proceeds from this event will be used to support the 2019 Sowing Seeds in Belize container project: the cost of the container, collections, shipping, freight, loading, customs, dock fees, brokerage, and distribution costs will exceed $25,000. Your participation and support of this event will help to offset these costs.


Who can participate?

Everyone is welcome and encouraged to participate

…wouldn’t it be a great afternoon if 4 of your friends joined you? A team of 5 will qualify you for the team prize and will go a long way to raise the needed support for the 2019 container project.

There will also be a runner’s division

Or you can just raise money for SSIB and come for the food :)

How much should I raise?

• We are asking that each participant sets a goal to raise $200 . . . that’s only ten $20 donations!

What do I get?

• Free cook-out dinner after the event.

Great prizes!! $250 CASH for the individual who raises the most money, and a team prize (team of 5 people) of $100 for each team member for the team who raises the most money.

An opportunity to win 2 tickets to any Penn State Home football game for the 2020 season. Every participant will be entered into this drawing.

• A fun afternoon and a good workout!


How do I raise funds for the Tour?

• Fill out the sponsor list with everyone you know (family members, friends, neighbors, co-workers, local businesses, etc…).

• Give them a call or ask, in person, if they would make a donation to support you in the Tour de Faith.

• On the pledge form, fill in their address, name, phone number, and donation amount.

• Note: You MUST turn in your completed form and ALL MONEY donated when you arrive at the Tour de Faith on November 3rd to be eligible for the prizes or the team prizes (only the amount donated on or prior to the November 3rd will be counted towards individual and team totals).